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Bequia Beach Bums x Bequia Threadworks

We take a deep dive into of the making of the Friendship Dress.

We recently collaborated with Bequia Beach Bums, a boutique beachwear and lifestyle fashion brand. When Elinor Mortstedt, co-founder and designer of Beach Bums, approached us with her ideas, we were beyond excited to work together to create something truly special that represents both our brands.

Bequia Beach Bums and Bequia Thraedworks to create a Friendship Dress.

After talking with Elinor and seeing her design sketches, our all-woman team of pattern makers and artisan seamstresses created The Friendship Dress, a ruffle-style maxi for Beach Bums’ latest collection, The Atelier. Inspired by the mesmerising allure of Bequia, with its laid back attitude, salty breeze and vibrant ocean, this line is a tribute to the spirit of the Caribbean.

This collaboration connects us to a brand with our same aspirations: creating timeless pieces while having a slow fashion mindset.

Shop The Friendship Dress exclusively at the Beach Bums Boutique when you’re next on island.


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