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Drawing Inspiration from Nature

Our work is deeply rooted in the love we have for one another and our community, but also our island home – rich with beauty and vibrancy. This love is reflected beyond our shores to our neighbouring islands. In creating our 2023 ‘Into The Wild’ Collection, we collaborated with print illustrator and designer James Hackett from Trinidad & Tobago.

James’ contribution to the collection was in designing ‘Birds of Paradise’, the signature print of ‘Into The Wild’. He describes his own brand – The Lush Kingdom – as “encompassing bold elements and colourful prints inspired by the Caribbean” which is so beautifully translated on our print. Influenced by the tropical plant bird-of-paradise, his design came to life – sparkling brilliant blues, greens, oranges and pinks in a beautiful representation of the flower. It is this array of colours that allows for versatility in styling, and it is no surprise the print is a favourite amongst our customers.

Much like us at Bequia Threadworks, James finds inspiration in his island surroundings. Developing a brand in a small region comes with its challenges, but finding inspiration is not one of them. From the turquoise seas to the lush tropics, there is beauty all around to draw creative expressiveness. For James, having an “island perspective of the world” gives him an edge in the competitive, global fashion industry, and we share the same view!

This regional collaboration birthed ‘Birds of Paradise’, available in a range of menswear, womenswear and childrenswear.


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