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Seamstress Stories

The women of Bequia Threadworks are at the heart of our organisation. We work hand in hand from designing pieces for our new fashion brand NOYO to creating custom upholstery for homes and yachts. Each member is hardworking, talented and creative, and many have been sewing their entire lives.

Our team meets customers at our seasonal launch party.

The skill runs deep in the veins of team members such as Ellen Hazell, Charmain Ollivierre and Gemma Cordice, whose grandmothers were well-known seamstresses in the community. Others found an immense passion for sewing along the way. For instance, Asheika Ollivierre joined our first-ever beginner course with very little knowledge or experience in the field, and has rapidly progressed in her journey as an artisan seamstress. Similarly, Indiria Andrews honed in on her skills when she officially joined our team. She now helms our embroidery services as our technician, recreating company logos or executing original designs.

“Everyone here gets along really well. I look forward to coming to work, and no matter how big a task seems, we always get things done together.”

Zoe Cordice, Artisan Seamstress

"I cherish having been able to take time off when I was going through a difficult period. I will never forget the sincerity of my coworkers and managers during that moment of need." Gemma Cordice, Artisan Seamstress

We met many women now on our team through our annual training programs. Maintaining consistent, accessible and well-designed courses is of paramount importance to us, not only as a commitment to our community, but to help bridge in new staff as our organisation grows. Our training programs are taught by Jenet Leach who works alongside our Production Manager and Pattern Maker, Brennel Goodluck, who just so happens to be Jenet’s daughter!

"Once you have the mindset to grow, Bequia Threadworks is an organisation that can help you. You learn from everyone. It's educational, and it's provided me with stability in terms of work and finances."

Brennel Goodluck, Production Manager and Pattern Maker

“I finally get to work doing something that makes me happy. People are their truest selves when they’re doing what they love. Being here taught me that anything is possible. It has impacted me in many different ways, professionally and personally. It’s like a family. When you have a family in your workplace, you always want to come to work.”

Veshka Alves, Production Supervisor

Whether already well versed in sewing or new to the skill, each member of our Production Team brings something unique to the table. Together, we are working to bring NOYO to life and continue to expand Bequia Threadworks.


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